Webelos Resident Camps

This 4-day / 3-night program provides an excellent transitional experience from that of Cub Day Camp to the traditional Boy Scout Summer Camp. It gets the Scouts used to spending multiple nights in the outdoors, while providing a well-structured program full of activities to keep them busy. This is a special opportunity that all of our Webelos should experience.

Resident Camp 2018

Register online and download the Leaders Guide at the Camp Whitsett site.

Council information


This is a volunteer-run camp. We require two-deep leadership and at least 1 adult for every 4 Webelos in your unit. It does not have to be the same adult all four nights, but we must maintain the ratio in order to run the camp. Individual Scouts must have a parent or guardian present.

Upon paid registration, each Scout will be sent a camp welcome letter with a map and a list of necessities. Scouts will need to provide their own sleeping bag and tent.


Webelos will have the opportunity to earn the activity badges for:

and the chance to acquire belt loops and pins for:

Questions? Contact the council camping department.

Past themes

2011 - 2014: Lights! Camera! Action!

Camp Josepho's Webelos Movie camp brings in local film industry professionals to coach Webelos as they write, cast, direct and act in short movies of their own.

2010: Passport to the World
Celebrating the Adventure, Continuing the Journey


2009: Kahuna Challenge