Local units

If you are new to Scouting and looking for a nearby unit, then please visit the national BeAScout web site to search for one. You can also contact Liz Hernandez, Balboa Oaks District Executive, at (818) 933-0129 for unit information.

BeAScout campaign - Information for unit leaders

The national BeAScout program gives Web-based tools for

All units are initially listed in the national database with a copy of the council's contact information. Unit leaders should update their information so that newcomers can contact them directly.

Initially, three leaders per unit should have access. These leaders can give access to others.

  1. Scoutmaster / Cubmaster / Venture crew advisor
  2. Unit committee chairperson
  3. Chartered organization representative

How to access the system:

  1. Log into your MyScouting account
  2. On the left, under "Unit Tools", follow the BeAScout link

If none of your unit's active leaders are able to access the system, then please contact Liz Hernandez at liz.hernandez@scouting.org or (818) 933-0129.

How do I create a web site for my unit?