Popcorn Fundraising

Beginning in 1981 with just seven Scout councils, Trail's End has grown to serve more than 285 councils today. The Trail's End fund-raising program is exclusive to Scouting, and it provides all that a Scout Council and its Packs and Troops may need, from planning and budgeting guidelines to training programs for Scouts and Leaders, to the highest quality products available.

The mission of Trail's End is to help Councils and Units raise the needed funds by which they can expand programs and activities for their Scouts.

104.3 MYfm contest

In 2011, 104.3 MYfm ran a contest to buy $5,000 of popcorn from one unit and donate it to the USO! The winner was Cub Scout Pack 657 from Rossmoor.

Unit benefits

Questions? Please e-mail Liz Hernandez or call (818) 933-0129

Ten tips for making your popcorn sales really pop

from Bryan on Scouting's blog

  1. It's just a numbers game. The more houses boys visit, the more they'll sell. (Blair P.)
  2. Set up at a local university. College kids love popcorn! (@amsb)
  3. Give the Scouts ownership of the sale. Instead of adults making all of the decisions about how the money earned will be spent, get the boys involved in the decision making. The more input the boy has, the more excited he will be about selling, and the more he will sell. (Tonya A.)
  4. Sell Scouting, and the popcorn will sell itself. (Pat G.)
  5. Make it fun, and give them an incentive to help the unit. We have a prize jar so the Scouts can earn a small prize for each sale. (Ken D.)
  6. Sell the actual product. We call it "Show and Deliver." The customer sees the product is available right then and there and will be more likely to buy. (Roberta H.)
  7. Let the boys who sell the most throw a pie in a leader's face! It's amazing how much popcorn a Scout will sell with that chance in front of them! (Jason M.)
  8. Tell the boys to be professional and use manners. Make sure they introduce themselves and explain what they're doing. (@JoshWilberger)
  9. Work on the Salesmanship merit badge during popcorn sales. (Cindy P.)
  10. When boys deliver the popcorn, have them include a thank you note. Their customers will remember the boys next year. (Kimmy P.)

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