Leader Training

Training is important because every youth deserves a trained leader. The Boy Scouts of America provide a seamless training program that helps leaders graduate through their courses quickly, easily, and with little duplication, and provides the district training committee with tools to achieve 100 percent trained unit volunteers.

For more information on training in the Balboa Oaks District, please contact:

Tanadet Itsarapakdetam (Mr. T)
(818) 671-7673

Youth Protection training

Youth Protection training is required for all registered volunteers.

  • New volunteers must take Youth Protection training before registering as leaders.
  • Youth Protection training must be taken every two years.

While Youth Protection Online Training is a valuable resource, our Council recommends training in person with a trained District Facilitator as a first option.

Adult leader training

In addition to Youth Protection, all adult leaders are trained as follows.

  1. Fast Start Training for your position
    • Recommended for all leaders.
    • The first step for all new leaders. Should be taken immediately after registering as a new leader and before meeting with any youth.
    • Positions:
      • Cub Scout Leader
      • Boy Scout Leader
      • Varsity Scout Leader
      • Venturing Crew Leader
  2. This Is Scouting (replaces New Leader Essentials)
    • Recommended for all leaders.
    • Provides an overview of the Scouting organization.
    • Modules:
      • The Mission of Scouting
      • Programs for All Ages
      • Scouting Is Fun
      • Scouting in the Community
      • Keeping Our Youth Safe
      • Scouting's Legacy
    • Benefits:
      • Better assists our movement in implementing the full Scouting program with chartered organizations.
      • Provides a better understanding of the advantages of encouraging youth and adult volunteers to move through the traditional program as their youth mature.
      • Creates an awareness of the different aspects of the Scouting program, which may result in leaders taking advantage of those programs for a child in a different age group.
  3. Specific Training for your position
    • Required for all leaders.
    • Cub Scout Leader
      • Cubmaster / Assistant Cubmaster
      • Tiger Den Leader
      • Wolf/Bear Den Leader / Assistant Den Leader
      • Webelos Den Leader / Assistant Den Leader
      • Pack Committee
      • Pack Trainer
    • Boy Scout Leader (Scoutmaster / Assistant Scoutmaster)
    • Varsity Scout Leader / Assistant
    • Venturing Crew Leader / Assistant
  4. Outdoor Leadership Skills for your position
    • Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)
      • Recommended for Cub Scout leaders.
      • Each overnight camp requires at least one adult leader with BALOO training.
    • Webelos Outdoor Leadership Skills
      • Recommended for Webelos leaders.
    • Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills
      • Required for Boy Scouts, Varsity, and Venturing leaders.
  5. Youth leader training

    National Youth Leadership Training

    Training schedule

    Can't find a session that fits your schedule? Check with other nearby districts/councils:

    Districts: Antelope Valley · Bill Hart · Cahuenga · Crescent Bay · Las Colinas
    Other councils · Western Region, Area 4 (2013)

    Online training

    You must have your membership number (from your membership card) and the council number (51 for the Western Los Angeles County Council).

    While Youth Protection Online Training is a valuable resource, our Council recommends training in person with a trained District Facilitator as a first option.

    Online training includes:

    Required for all adult leaders

    • Youth Protection Training (Venturing has a separate version)
    • Fast Start
    • This Is Scouting

    Required for completing tour permits (at least one leader must be certified)

    • Hazardous Weather Training
    • Safety Afloat
    • Safe Swim Defense


    High Adventure training

    Advanced training