Day Camp 2008 check-off lists

Please check the following check-off lists for each day and see what your Scout completed. Here is an overview of the activities that were planned for the week. Contact Rebecca or Betsy if you have any questions about it.

Day Camp 2008 Good Turn

Thanks to all the Cubs and Parents from the Balboa Oaks Day Camp that helped collect recyclables for "Evan the Warrior" Hutchison, a 9 year old cub scout from the Bill Hart District who is fighting Leukemia. We have done a triple good turn by helping to keep recyclables out of the landfills, helping the environment (and by keeping the park clean), and helping a fellow cub, all at the same time.

I took in the recyclables (3 huge bags) and here are the results:

19.3 pounds of plastic bottles
2.2 pounds of aluminum cans

For a grand total of $22.17

Our pack is collecting all summer and I had already collected $12 previously, so we are now up to over $34.17. We hope to get $100 for Evan by the fall. Every little bit helps.

The following is an update off the Carepage Website on Evan and an invitation to pull together in prayer for his comrades in arms. Please pass this on.


Lauri Sherbon, Pack #307

July 22, 2008 at 09:36 AM PDT
Evan had Clinic yesterday. He has reached a rather monumental summit. Evan is now, finally, receiving 100% of the therapeutic doses of one of his Maintenance drugs. What a climb this "less intense" Phase has been for my small boy! What a sought after, hard fought, milestone marker. He obviously has so very much more to do, to scale the next peak on the next mountaintop, and, the three (3)hills after that, but we pause today for a moment to celebrate his incredible journey. Evan must thereafter sustain his counts and continue climbing, increasing, for a very long time to come. But, glory and celebration is the word of the day for Evan's perseverance and for slowly and steadily climbing to the top of this, his personal first, maintenance peak. Three more peaks on this leg of the trip before he calls it a day and sets up camp on the highest top.
It goes without saying, perhaps, that this has been and continues to be a very tough climb. Oh, the stories I could share. Many of you have held the lines with me as Evan has, bit by bit, inch by inch, percentage by small percentage, made his journey. Some of you may feel absolutely inundated- TMI- (too much information) as the kids might say- much is offered, many times. It's all so hard to read, isn't it? Others of you might not wish to read about other children going down this road we are traveling. But those of us in the hallways, outside of our children's doors, agree that to 'not' speak of the other precious children who mightily struggle, some more than others, would be to omit a huge part of our landscape.
I have a couple of children on my mind today. Please pray for Evan's comrades. They are very, very sick right now and they are well. just like Evan. someone's small, small child- Evan's compatriots, fighting cancer, every single minute of every single day. Please pray for Coleman, Peyton, Kayla, Jordan and Jack today, as they are definitely under heavy, life threatening fire. If Evan were in just one of the bunkers that they currently occupy, as he has been and certainly could be again, I know that I would gratefully accept a flood of prayers.
Thanks so much for checking in and for all the Amens. XOXO mom