Cub Scout recruiting tips

  1. Every pack should have a Tiger den. Scouts who start as Tigers stay in the program longer.
  2. For private schools, ask principals or lead teachers to allow a walk-through of classes. Please contact Marty Price after making arrangements.
  3. For public schools, ask principals to allow a lunch presentation accompanied by school officials, preferably principals or vice principals.
  4. Recruitment is a district-supported activity, and should therefore be accompanied by a district representative (i.e. unit commissioner, district commissioner, district executive or their designee). Applications and fees should be turned over to a district representative immediately after the recruitment meeting.
  5. Recruitment meetings should preferably be scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday; not on the same day as your pack's monthly meeting; and at the school, not at the pack meeting place. For LAUSD schools, please contact Marty Price to arrange a use-of-facilities permit.
  6. A standard flier will be given to students in both private and public schools.

Flier instructions