Cub/Parent Weekends


How to register

We accept registration until full (300 campers, 500 for Family Camp) or the Friday the week prior to camp starting. Please note there is a no refund policy.

To get a Cub/Parent T-shirt, you must pre-order it when registering.

What are Cub/Parent Weekends?

One parent and one Cub Scout having quality time together in a great outdoor setting. (A parent or legal guardian must accompany each Scout. Additional family members may only attend Family Camp.)

Cub/Parent Weekends are held in Camp Josepho. This 110-acre camp is nestled in the Santa Monica mountain range in Pacific Palisades.

Family Camp is held in Camp Whitsett.

Great for new campers - showers, restrooms, and meals included:

Friday dinner at Family Camp may be pre-purchased for $5 per person.


Programs are provided from Tiger Cubs through second-year Webelos:

What to bring

What to expect

Friday night




All team members for these exciting weekends are volunteers who one time were campers. Each volunteer is an active member of the team and works hard to see all campers have a great experience. Look for them in the blue shirts.


Food is prepared fresh on-site by our volunteer chefs. Our campers, as assigned by color groups, do all other food service and cleanup.

We have limited vegetarian options available upon request.

Be prepared - there is always a line in the dining hall!

Trading post

Assorted items are on sale in our trading post, including snacks and some sundries. Prices are reasonable.

Cub/Parent T-shirts must be pre-ordered when registering.