Council Recognition Dinner

Our printed program at the dinner will list all the volunteers who gave of their time and talent in service to our Council and District events and committees in 2011.

Let's all come together at the Council Recognition Dinner to recognize and celebrate the gifts of time and talent that truly make a difference in our world!

Questions? Contact Al Sakai.

Silver Beaver Award

At the dinner, we will recognize the accomplishments of several individuals who have "rendered noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth" both in and outside of Scouting. This award may not be applied for - a recipient must be nominated.

Nominations must be turned in to the Anna Ruggieri Service Center in Van Nuys no later than October 14, 2016. That's coming up soon, so don't delay!


  1. Candidates shall be registered volunteer Scouters within Council territory.
  2. Candidates must be at least 21 years old.
  3. Candidates must have rendered noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth.

It is recognized that the nature and value of noteworthy service to youth might take the form of single service or decisions which contributed vitally to the lives of large numbers of youth, or that the service might be given to a small group over an extended period of time.


Year Balboa Oaks District Other districts
2012 Steve Engstrom
Bruce McDonald
Marty Price
Jack Altmark
Dale Barry
Jeffrey Feuer
David Larson
Ruth Lawrence
Jerry Nieto
Wayne Shaphran
Tarek Shraibati
Barry Swenson
John Van Veen
2011 Leonard Martinez
Jim Armstrong
Tracy Fitzgerald
John Shanks
Steven Cowley
Bill Crowl
Kent Jacobsen
Kathleen James
Mark Murphy
Frank Paravato
Alan Snyder
Sanford Weinberg
2010 Diane Freeman
Veronica Reyes
Lisa Alexander
Kymmer Crookston
Michael Dermody
Jeff Frankel
Stuart Hall
Martin Kvitky
Steven Mellinger
Sunday Moore
Ronald Salser
Nathan Wolfstein IV
2009 Theresa Jeensalute
Tamber Johnson
Eric Miele
Anett Abrahamian
April Barr
Russ Erman
Richard Fleming III
Michael Henderson
James Montgomery
Gregory Small
Matthew Wood
Rod Zalunardo
2008 Tanadet Itsarapakdetam
Jon Orlick
Thomas Wood
Gary Bishop
Kenneth Broda
Eliot Brown
Thomas Cantarine
Brian Compton
Joseph Pizzo
Francisco Ramirez
Mark Renner
Wynnewood Ritch
Eric Singer
2007 Lowell C. Brown
Martin Paul Brown
Thomas Y. K. Fong
Michael Ray Tovey
Michael Eric Walker
(no information available for
other districts prior to 2008)
2006 Roy T. Powell, Jr.
Charles Sanderson
Kathleen A. Sartain
Dawnine Wheeler
2005 Joseph M. Caracappa
Gordon W. Jex
Paul C. Oliver
2004 Jeffrey Feldman
Jack Fishel
Clifford Kahn
2003 Ira Horowitz
John McVicker
Ralph Ward
2002 Joseph A. Maggio
David Seifert
Dinah Trenk
2001 Frank J. Casias, Jr.
Donald Alan Deach
Randy H. Stoller
Keith Taylor
2000 Sami F. Dahdal
Marilou Talbutt
Gayla A. Wheeler
1999 Bob Grella
1998 Bryan Eget
Alan Nineberg
Vinnie Ruggieri
1997 Arthur E. Hammarlund
1996 Gerald W. Dutton
1995 Elwood M. Brown
Earlier years 1992: Edward L. Ryan
1992: Kaye M. Ryan
1991: Harry G. Walter
1984: Raymond Paul
1984: Ralph E. Seifert
1981: Cora Louise Cole
Year unknown Eliot Brown
James Edward Coyle
Bruce Kenneth Faunce
Neil W. Ferguson
David M. Forbes
Felix Grossman
Charles M. Hacke
Robert Lee Hayes
John H. Kimball
William L. Kimmey
Arthur Langton, Jr.
Frank McArthur
Ben B. Pedrick
Thomas E. Pelton
Merlyn H. Sheets
Bert Ray Simmons
Joseph H. Steinberg
Alvin J. Stern
David L. Vallens